New series of workshops on offer

Building on successful workshops for students at the FH Aachen, we can now offer one, or two-part workshops to companies and NGO’s.

You choose the topic and we organise the production of writing and spoken content as well as presentations.

An outline of a two-day workshop

During the first pilot workshops, students identified and focused on the some of the main challenges facing humanity such as climate change. Working on groups, they prepared an outline in writing and presented it to the class. Criteria for evaluating written texts were identified and agreed by the whole class. These included content, structure, grammar, vocabulary and mechanics (punctuation, spelling etc.).

The final step was to produce a written overview of the topics in a wiki format with links and references. Students then peer reviewed each other’s work.

The wikis from all the groups were then combined into one document.

In the second workshop students built on the written texts to prepare and then hold short presentations using Prezi which they finally evaluated with peer review.

Here is an example of a short presentation about E-learning which we created.


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