All English Matters

0. Preliminary remarks
All English Matters is mainly an educational institution with an emphasis on language acquisition as well as offering translation services. These terms refer to paid training events (inter alia courses, examinations, programs), which are offered directly by All English Matters and where a direct contractual relationship between the subscriber and the All English Matters is concluded.
For events that All English Matters offers on behalf of authorities (eg. as integration courses, public support measures), public educational institutions (e.g. state colleges and schools) or private providers (eg. as foundations, private educational institutions, companies) performs, the rules of the relevant governing body apply. The same applies to prices for related services (such as accommodation placement, pick-up service, leisure facilities, etc.) to be entrusted with third parties.
I. Registration
1. Registration for events of All English Matters can be performed by the participant, or by a contact person. The contact must be legitimized on demand by a certificate issued by the participant a written proxy.

2. Registration is made by a registration contract in writing or through an online form.
3. Only after receipt of the full invoice amount incl. the registration fee is a reservation binding and can certificates be signed and issued.
4. The reservation of a particular course is subject to a classification by the All English Matters. This is done through a standardized written test and possibly an additional interview. By deviating from the reserved price format classification, however, the scope of services to the daily course times, do not change.
5. With the application, the applicant agrees to the recording and processing of personal data for internal use by All English Matters. This use includes in particular the registration and invoicing procedures, providing certificates for submission to authorities, the transmission of teaching materials and event-related information as well as the certification of services.

II. Cancellation
1. Cancellation of registration contract by the subscriber must be in writing. The withdrawal must be received by the 15th of the calendar month preceding the amounts shown on the registration certificate of the event. Decisive for the effectiveness of withdrawal is received by All English Matters. A later cancellation is not possible.
2. With proper and timely cancellation the event fee will be refunded in full, the registration fees and costs incurred in connection with the registration fees of third parties will not be refunded.
3. All English Matters has the right to cancel events 2 weeks prior to the date indicated on the certificate of registration to the event. If the participants cannot be offered any adequate alternative offer, all events and registration fees will be refunded in this case if desired. Further claims, especially claims for damages, are excluded.
III. General provisions
1. Deviating agreements must be in writing.
2. The invalidity or un-enforceability of individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
3. Place of performance and jurisdiction for the contractor is Aachen.